Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I have joined a new Facebook group called "The 100 Artists". It is a challenge to create 100 pieces of art. I am up to my 8th piece. 

Here are some of the pieces I have posted. I am finding it to be a real challenge, and the support has been great. I wish I had more time so I wouldn't be hitting my tired hours when I am working on them. I had set a goal of finishing three pieces this past weekend and only managed to complete one to upload. I should be able to work more in the evenings after school but I find I am too whipped to tackle any of my "larger" works and end up working more in my journals, if anything.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hi again! So my other most enjoyable pastime is art journalling. I have been using recycled books
from our school library. Some are very old. This one I really love because the paper is very good for absorption and the colors are very intense on it. I used acrylic and watercolour and then topped it off with different sorts of markers - paint markers and sharpies, mostly. The second pic is a close up that shows you how much detail I put in while watching (well... mostly listening) to TV. When I look at the artwork down the road sometimes it reminds me of what I was watching: in this case, the Good Wife.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Paintings for 2015

So my New Year's resolutions this year included: start using my blog again and paint! Well, I started to paint first and here it is Feb. 25 and I have been painting and painting! Hence, I have made no contributions to my blog (sigh). Well, I can only do so much, right? I solemnly swear I will try!
Anyhow, I am loving the painting. I wanted to explore new colours and techniques and so here is what I have come up with. These are mixed media collage, inks and acrylic paints. Please let me know what you think!